XGG Arquitectes was established in Barcelona in 2016 between
its four partners after more than 10 years of working together
on projects. The spirit of the city and the Mediterranean way
of life form the backdrop to our architectural practice and we
bring this spirit forward in the work we produce and buildings
we design.
Its core business lies in housing with collective experience in
both private and public sectors. Its aim is to design exemplary,
sustainable buildings that connect with the surrounding
neighbourhoods. XGG Arquitectes are qualified in building

biology and are able to analyse projects to determine the
healthiness of the environment in occupied spaces.
We have a core team of trusted staff who are experienced in the
design and delivery of housing projects that meet the standards
that are necessary for sustainable development. We work with
consultants who also demonstrate specialist knowledge of the
sector and in their individual disciplines to ensure the design
service is efficient and tuned to the individual project needs.